Justification for NLA to be established:-
Tobacco smoking is a very common addiction in Nepal. According to one study the percentage of smoker’s in Nepal is found to be the highest in the world. Therefore,  cancer of the larynx is quite common. Because of the scarcity of doctors and lack of awareness among the patients, cancer  remains undetected and patients come to ENT doctor at a very late stage and many of them can neither treated by surgery nor by radiation therapy.

Therefore, in order to  treat cancer of larynx, vocal cord (voice box) is removed by surgery and so the sufferer losses his voice and becomes communication handicapped (speech disabled).

Most of the disabled persons here have remained economically inactive and are considered a burden not only for the family but also for the society and the nation. If equal opportunities, as for able persons are provided to the disabled persons for medical treatment, education, vocational training, job placement, social rehabilitation etc. a very large majority of them can actively participate in the economic and other developmental activities of the country and lead respectable life.

There has not been considerable effort from state and health institutions to address the problem of laryngectomees.  There is no other organisation to address the problem of laryngectomees except NLA. The major problem of the laryngectomees in Nepal is their physical disability and lacking economic opportunities. There is no other organization in the country which helps to rehabilitate laryngectomees.  Therefore, there is a need for this particular organization.

Considering above mention fact, in order to make a laryngectomee productive citizen of country NLA was established for total rehabilitation of laryngectomees. After removal of voice box they can not speak normally. So they are taught to produce and communicate through new voice known as esophageal speech. This voice production is done with the help of esophagus.
Main achievements of the organisation :
Main achievements are.:
A. Trained 230 (basic training - 230 & Incentive training - 50) Laryngectomees in esophageal Speech.
B. Developed material for -
    a) Esophageal Speech, such as
        i) Book - "Nauloboli" for basic learning / teaching method
       ii) Brochures
    b) Public Awareness, such as
        i) News, bulletins
       ii) Pampletes
C. Provided Counselling to
        i) 225 family of laryngectomees
       ii) 250 visit for pre-operative counselling to laryngectomees
          and his/her family.
      iii) 250 visit for post-operative counselling to 
           laryngectomees and his / her family.
D. Trained 2 Laryngectomees as an instructor for conduction
    Esophageal Speech training at planned satellite centre.
E. Publishing of Bio-Annual News bulletin.
F. Actively involved in advocacy against smoking.
G. Publishing pampletes, brochures and other therapy materials.
H. Conducting activities according to work plan and budget.
I. Provided small grants to members for a variety of purposes.
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